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Our Mission

You know the saying: Behind every great school district, there's a great school board! And Catalina Foothills School District is truly great: the #1 school district in Arizona with a 97.5% graduation rate and 90% college enrollment rate. The CFSD Governing Board has been instrumental in developing a robust K-12 curriculum that ensures every student is ready to excel in life - wherever their passions take them. And thanks to our community's engagement and support, our school district will continue to thrive as we work together to innovate, collaborate, and excel. 

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We're committed to continuing to work together to ensure every student has an equal opportunity to thrive at CFSD - regardless of race, socioeconomics, academic or physical ability, sexual or gender orientation, or zip code.

"I will be voting for Amy Bhola, Amy Krauss and Gina Mehmert for CFSD governing board because they have each demonstrated their long term commitment to the success of the Catalina Foothills School District and the students and community it serves. These three women are very knowledgeable, very involved and most importantly they care about the students and teachers in our schools and our District community.  They have demonstrated their support, involvement and willingness to help our District to continue to improve for all of us."

Anne G, district parent and volunteer

Our Priorities


Fulfill the mission by continuing CFSD's tradition of excellence

Developed in partnership with the Governing Board, administration, teachers, parents, and learners, CFSD's Strategic Plan, EnVision 21 Deep Learning, serves as our North Star.  Laser focus on fulfilling this mission of creating a caring, collaborative learning community makes CFSD the #1 school district in Arizona.

As Governing Board members, we will ensure the structures and processes are in place to deliver on our mission and vision. Continuing CFSD's tradition of excellence will enable each student to flourish as responsible citizens in our global community.


Innovate the curriculum to meet the needs of every learner

Our Governing Board has been instrumental in developing a robust curriculum that ensures every student is ready to excel in life. A range of academic classes for every learning level. Visual and performing arts, physical education and health at every grade level. More than 20 interscholastic sports and dozens of clubs for every passion. Technical pathways and college readiness. 

As Governing Board members, we will continue to partner closely with the administration and teachers to create an innovative curriculum that adheres to Arizona Academic Standards and gives every student the opportunity to thrive.


Renew and strengthen our relationship with the community

Our community created our school district more than 90 years ago, and ensured its ongoing success through bond support, capital budget overrides, Safe Routes to School (SRTS), classroom volunteering, and so much more. We recognize that the pandemic greatly affected our ability to engage effectively with parents and community members. 

As Governing Board members, we will renew and strengthen the school board's relationship with the community, working together to ensure our public schools are responsive to the needs of our community.

We need your support today!

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