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A moment of celebration

Dear CFSD Family,

While we must still count every vote, with more than 90% of Pima County's ballots tallied, it seems safe to declare victory! As we write this, the votes stand at:

  • 24% Amy Krauss

  • 23% Amy Bhola

  • 22% Gina Mehmert

  • 10-11% for each of our opponents

We are thrilled to be elected as Catalina Foothills School District Governing Board members and we look forward to representing our community. We feel both honored and humbled by voters' belief and trust in us. If you already have children in CFSD schools, then you know us. You know that we have been dedicated district volunteers for decades. You know that we are accessible and responsive. You know that we take pride in the District’s accomplishments and want to see that all current and future students continue to achieve academic and personal success. That’s why our mantra throughout our campaign has been “ensuring every student has an equal opportunity to thrive.” This goal will continue to guide us throughout our term as Governing Board members. You can learn more about our plans for our first 90 days here.

Through their votes, some parents and community members expressed their strong desire for change and their feelings of discontent with how our schools are run. If you are among this group, know that we genuinely look forward to engaging with you, too, with the goal of listening and learning together.

Running in a contested election, the first in 12 years, has been difficult and rewarding in equal measure. Our opponents have prompted us to reflect, question, challenge, and ultimately renew our belief in CFSD's strategic mission and vision, the role and responsibility of public education in our community, and our own personal reasons for running. For that, we thank Bart, Bill, and Grace.

Lastly, a humble and heartfelt "THANK YOU" to our supporters. Your donations, time, talent, energy, and pep talks have led to our election. We are so excited to celebrate this moment with you!

With gratitude and respect for our CFSD Family,

Amy Bhola, Amy Krauss, and Gina Mehmert

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