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Diversity, equity, and inclusion: Upholding CFSD's core values

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are part of CFSD's stated core values. Every CFSD student should feel safe, welcome, supported, included and connected to his or her school community. Why? Because that is the foundation for having a mind that is open to learning.

We believe it is essential that our students are exposed to views and cultures other than their own and to have their opinions and assumptions challenged. This kind of engagement fosters critical thinking, enables understanding across differences, and discourages complacency. This work supports the study of a variety of cultures and helps inspire fresh angles of inquiry, new discoveries and the search for innovative solutions to today’s challenges.

We embrace CFSD’s commitment to enacting policies of non-discrimination based on race, national origin, ethnicity, religion, creed, sex (which includes a prohibition against sexual harassment), sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age or (dis)ability. Throughout CFSD’s curriculum, from early childhood through high school graduation, themes of diversity, multiculturalism, and the characteristics of good citizens are explored in a variety of modalities, in age-appropriate, fact-based ways.

As Governing Board candidates, we respect the diversity of perspectives and cultural backgrounds in the CFSD community. We will serve with tolerance and without prejudice, to bring a broad base of knowledge and experience to the job, and to make decisions thoughtfully.

Our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion stems from a devotion to achieving our overarching goal as board members: to create a learning environment that provides each CFSD student with the foundation, tools and resources necessary to achieve intellectual and personal excellence, and to be well-prepared for college and career pathways.

Our favorite visual to demonstrate equity is to the right, which is from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. This is what we’re talking about when we talk about equity of educational opportunity. Kids don’t start from the same vantage point. The delivery of quality education must take this into account. Teachers need to meet students where they are and each and every student starts out from a different place. Just like our own children need different things from their parents, students need different things from their teachers and schools. This is how all of our students will thrive.

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