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Educators of Excellence - a CFSD priority

The attraction and retention of high-quality teachers has been a focus of CFSD for many years. At the direction of current Governing Board members, annual climate and retention surveys are administered to take the pulse of teachers and staff.

  • Why are they here?

  • Why would they consider leaving?

  • What is the District doing right?

  • What can the District improve upon?

  • What are the factors in your work environment that mean the most to you professionally and personally?

Not surprisingly, salary levels are consistently ranked as a top consideration for teachers and staff along with the opportunity to collaborate with staff. The District’s reputation in the state and county also plays a major part in why teachers apply to CFSD.

In response to these findings, the Board has prioritized salary increases for teachers and staff and has approved increases to starting salaries and the compensation tables for teachers and staff in each of the last 10 fiscal years. In fact, starting salaries for CFSD teachers rank the highest in southern AZ and Pima County. The Board still feels salaries for these critical professionals are not enough, but the adequacy of Arizona’s funding of public schools is an entirely different topic!

The District also prioritizes teachers’ ability to collaborate.

  • Common planning time is built into our school calendars/schedules at each level

  • Teachers collaborate on curriculum review projects and student/school improvement strategies

  • Teachers attend professional development sessions led by other CFSD professionals and outside presenters – the professional development program being generously sponsored each year by the donations of the CFSD Foundation

The District’s surveys also consistently identify workload as a major factor in our teacher and staff satisfaction. This Board and its current members speak frequently about workload and the need to reduce this whenever possible. New initiatives invariably bring new responsibilities. It is imperative that we continue to “Weed the Garden” as the District Administration has so aptly dubbed this effort.

CFSD’s stellar reputation in the state has always played a major role in attracting quality candidates to our District. It is imperative that this reputation be protected. That starts with the community’s choice of Board members.

This election cycle presents a clear choice between:

  • Candidates who have a record of intensive volunteer involvement at the schools

  • Who recognize and who appreciate the hard work and professionalism of its teachers and staff

  • Who will strive to provide a welcoming, supportive and inclusive educational environment for students from all walks of life and who do not make a distinction between resident and open enrolled students or families

  • Who are dedicated to the support of our talented professionals in their delivery of an evidence-based, professionally developed curriculum with the goal of transferring skills and knowledge beyond the CFSD experience


  • Candidates who see only problems

  • Who DO make a distinction between resident and open enrollment students/families

  • Who begrudge children marginalized by current culture wars the right to feel comfortable in their schools and have access to information that might help them navigate the pitfalls of their young lives

  • Who do not understand the role of a governing board vis a vis District administration and want to delve into operational areas best managed by the education professionals

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