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Letter to the editor: Amy B, Amy K, Gina committed to District 16

Lori Lundberg-Leung, CFSD parent, volunteer, and voter, authored the following Letter to the Editor in the October issue of Desert Leaf, the Catalina Foothills magazine.

All CFSD Students Should Have Opportunity

As a Catalina Foothills School District parent, volunteer, and voter, I support Amy Bhola, Amy Krauss, and Gina Mehmert for Governing Board. It is critical to me that our Governing Board members are similarly invested in our school district. Amy, Amy, and Gina have been committed to District 16 for years as parents, volunteers, and leaders. They advocate for our teachers and are dedicated to ensuring that all CFSD students have the opportunity to thrive regardless of race, gender, or zip code. I am skeptical of outsiders with radical agendas who are soundly anti-public education.

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