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Letter to the editor: CFSD works

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Max McConkey, retired chief policy officer of WestEd, a nonprofit education R&D agency, authored the following Letter to the Editor in the November issue of Desert Leaf, the Catalina Foothills magazine.

CFSD Works

Educating young people in our increasingly complex world is often difficult, and accomplishing that job well requires strong community support of skilled, dedicated professionals. I spent nearly five decades helping identify effective educational practices ("What Works!") across the country. Catalina Foothills School District, recognized as one of our state's best districts, works. While some now running for school board would turn their backs on the district's well-earned success, candidates Amy Bhola, Amy Krauss, and Gina Mehmert are committed to building on CFSD's extraordinary record of excellence. They will have my vote November 8.

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