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Letter to the editor: Helping CFSD teens

Today's Arizona Daily Star includes a letter to the editor from CFSD parent and volunteer Jessica Brandt. She writes that she finds it "very troubling" that our opponents plan to withhold mental health resources from students, and points out that " seems very short-sighted and dangerous". Read the full letter below.

Helping CFSD teens

I find it very troubling that the Back To Basics candidates for District 16 School Board labels LGBTQ+ information as “unsafe resources for students.” With so many teens facing depression and anxiety and considering suicide, withholding mental health resources seems very short-sighted and dangerous. Shame on them! I have two teenagers in District 16; I don’t want the governing board putting their politics over my kids’ safety. I encourage everyone who is able to vote for Amy Bhola, Amy Krauss and Gina Mehmert because they will prioritize the health and safety of our students, not their political agenda.

Jessica Brandt


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