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Letter to the editor: Russell P. Long supports Bhola, Krauss, Mehmert

Russell P. Long of Long Realty Company, and CFSD resident and parent, authored the following Letter to the Editor in the October issue of Desert Leaf, the Catalina Foothills magazine.

Make Our Community Better

The consistent demand for housing in the Foothills, which has kept our real estate values among the highest in Tucson, is in large part due to the quality of District 16 schools. I support Board candidates Amy Bhola, Amy Krauss, and Gina Mehmert because they are committed to preserving the cutting-edge educational experiences that are vital to our real estate values. However, the most important reason I support these candidates is that the better educated our children are, the better leaders and problem solvers they will be, the better parents they will be, and the better our community will be.

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