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Letter to the editor: Thrive slate committed to teachers

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Today's Arizona Daily Star includes a Letter to the Editor from Gayle Siegel, Foothills resident and former public school teacher. Gayle writes “Most importantly, I heard a commitment to upholding teaching as a profession.” The full letter is included below.

School district interview

Re: Sept. 15 video “Amy Bhola, Amy Krauss and Gina Mehmert, running for CFSD Governing Board chat with the Arizona Daily Star.”

As a former public school teacher and resident of Catalina Foothills School District whose son was educated in CFSD schools from kindergarten through graduation, I appreciated the opportunity to watch the Star’s extensive interview of CFSD Governing Board candidates Amy Bhola, Amy Krauss and Gina Mehmert. I was disappointed the other candidates declined to participate, which signals a lack of willingness to engage with the community they wish to serve.

The candidates interviewed demonstrated they are already invested in CFSD schools through their volunteer service (Bhola and Krauss are incumbents, Mehmert in leadership positions at two schools over many years), and they have the experience and knowledge to meet the many challenges facing public education today. Most importantly, I heard a commitment to upholding teaching as a profession, which is too often under assault. Having high-quality educators in the classroom is the most influential factor in student achievement. I will be voting for the candidates who support the dedicated teachers of CFSD.

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