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Letter to the editor: Thrive 4 CFSD candidates support military families

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Today's Arizona Daily Star includes a Letter to the Editor from Carrie Clancy, who shares how "Catalina Foothills residents can support military families by voting Thrive4CFSD on Nov. 8." Thank you, Carrie, for your support and for your family's service! The full letter is included below.

Thrive 4 CFSD candidates support military families

As part of a military family with children in District 16 schools, I have a vested interest in November’s CFSD school board election. Military families relocate frequently and cannot always participate in local politics. However, the decisions of elected school boards directly impact our children’s educational experiences.

Military parents have limited choice in where we live and send our children to school. My spouse and I chose to live within CFSD because this community has shown a longstanding commitment to consistent, high-quality public education. Other military families take advantage of Open Enrollment in CFSD for the same reason.

As Thrive4CFSD, Amy Bhola, Amy Krauss, and Gina Mehmert will maintain this vital commitment to public education. Their vision, “every student has an equal opportunity to thrive,” includes military students within and outside district boundaries. The Back To Basics platform discriminates against military families (among others) by discouraging Open Enrollment and undermining Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

District 16 residents can support military families by voting for Thrive4CFSD on November 8.


Carrie Clancy, Au.D., CCC-A

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