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Letter to the editor: Thrive understands, supports teachers

Today's Arizona Daily Star includes a Letter to the Editor from CFSD teacher Noah Mickey-Colman. Noah shares the challenges he faces as a teacher in "a state that does not give us what we need to be successful" and how the current Governing Board as well as Thrive candidates Bhola, Krauss, and Mehmert "understand those challenge and focus on the right issues to move our district forward". The full letter is included below.

Thrive understands, supports teachers

As a classroom teacher in Catalina Foothills School District, I confront unprecedented challenges to provide our community’s children with what they need to thrive academically and continue our school district’s legacy of achievement in a state that does not give us what we need to be successful.

The current CFSD school board understands those challenges and focuses on the right issues to move our district forward. For example, our school board understands the importance of attracting high-quality teachers. This year we have five new teachers at my school that I see pushing kids to higher levels of achievement everyday. I feel the board’s support at school in ways that make a difference, like embracing teacher opinions on critical decisions, supporting student mental health, emphasizing the importance of diversity and inclusion, and keeping our schools safe.

Amy Bhola, Amy Krauss and Gina Mehmert have what it takes to continue our district’s success by focusing on what is important and supporting teachers, children and families.

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