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Letter to the editor: Vote YES on Propositions 488, 489, 490

Charlotte Ackerman, Foothills resident, CFSD teacher, and Teacher of the Year, makes a compelling case for District 16 voters to vote YES on three important propositions: 488, 489, and 490. Writing a letter to the editor in today's Arizona Daily Star, Ackerman stresses that voting yes will not raise the tax rate - and will maintain critical funding that our schools need. Read the full letter below.

CFSD Propositions

The Catalina Foothills School District community has a long history of supporting bonds to build and maintain our schools and small but vital budget overrides for instructional materials and programs. Voters’ past support for these types of measures has allowed our District to continue prioritizing a comprehensive curriculum that includes art, music, PE, robotics and computer science through years of reduced or static state funding. YES votes for Propositions 488, 489 and 490, which will appear near the bottom of the November ballot, will not increase tax rates. YES votes will renew the investment in and commitment to the students and public schools that are so important to me as an educator and long-time District resident.

Charlotte Ackerman


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