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Making up for the COVID 'learning loss'

CFSD has been planning for and implementing strategies to assist students as they and the District rebound from the difficulties of the COVID closures and restrictions that affected learning. The District has an active plan funded by federal ESSER dollars.

ESSER is the federal program, administered through the states in three phases that is meant to:

  • Facilitate the safe return to in-person schooling

  • Work with students to address learning needs created by the COVID crisis

  • Assist students with social-emotional needs that have arisen due to the disruptions caused by COVID.

The District surveyed parents, students, teachers and community members to solicit input on the best way to use these ESSER funds. Over 1,400 people shared their views, which were incorporated into the final plan. The plan is intended to be a living document; it will be reviewed periodically and spending adjustments made as necessary to adapt to changing conditions and needs as presented by our students and staff.

Federal rules for our ESSER funds require that at least 20% of the funds be utilized to address learning needs. CFSD has allocated over 67% ($1.5 million) of our $2.3 million in ESSER funds to students’ learning needs - many times referred to as “learning losses”. This money is being spent on the following:

  • Summer Math Camps

  • High School Credit Recovery and study programs supporting Math and ELA studies

  • Summer School Counseling programs

  • K-8 Targeted Intensive Tutoring

  • Two additional K-5 school counselors

  • In School Day Interventions

  • Professional development in the area of social/emotional support for teachers and staff

The rest of the ESSER funds ($686,000) are being used to purchase needed technology (Chromebooks and additional hot spots) and equipment to mitigate the spread of the virus (HEPA filters, water bottle filling stations).

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