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Podcast: The Rise of the Activated Mom

All across America, contested school board elections are A THING. In Tucson, Arizona, my mom friends are mobilizing to support the slate of incumbent candidates, Thrive4CFSD, for a down ballot election that is anything BUT sleepy.

These moms have a mission to fight the extremism that is creeping into our community and are mobilizing to support a fellow group of seasoned district moms campaigning to preserve public education. All these moms are examples of the trillions dollars of unpaid work done by women, and moms, that sustain our economy and better the communities we live in.

Podcaster Yvonne encourages followers to "Listen up, and get activated!" in her latest episode, The Rise of the Activated Mom: Suburban Moms mobilizing for School Board Elections. (Note: If the podcast doesn't automatically start to play, just click the image or the orange circle in the top left of the image.)

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