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The first 90 days

In the corporate world, we often talk of a new hire's first 90 days. The 90-day plan includes specific actions designed to get a new hire onboarded and operating at full capacity within this relatively short timeframe.

So what will the first 90 days look like with Amy Bhola, Amy Krauss, and Gina Mehmert on CFSD's Governing Board, if they're elected? Fortunately, both Amy B and Amy K are incumbents who have an excellent understanding of current priorities. Equally fortunately, Gina is the former President of OGMS's FFO - where she worked extremely closely with the Board and gained first-hand knowledge of how it functions.

Our mission

From the outset of our campaign, Thrive 4 CFSD has set forth a clear mission and vision. Our commitment to fulfilling our campaign promises has not wavered, and indeed has only grown stronger throughout this campaign.

To summarize, our work will enable us to continue to fulfill CFSD's mission and vision - which in turn will enable us to maintain our #1 ranking as the top non-selective district in Arizona.

Our first 90 days

To be clear, Governing Board work takes time - years even. This means that much of the effort during our first 90 days will be on the smooth continuation of current efforts. Stability is extremely important for teacher retention and a successful second half of the school year.

Additional focus will be placed on some of the "low-hanging fruit" - work that can be completed relatively quickly, such as item 1c below.

With this said, we've detailed five of our top areas of focus below:

  1. Renew and strengthen engagement with parents and community

  2. Increase proactive communication with parents.

  3. Ensure every parent knows where and how to access curriculums, review proposed curriculums, and provide feedback (this is already available, and it's an opportunity to educate people on how to access the information).

  4. Review the mailing list for The Boarder to ensure it is getting to parents.

  5. Continue to innovate the curriculum

  6. Most recently, the Board approved revisions to the Science curriculum as well as the English Language Arts curriculum that is being rolled out incrementally across the entire K-12 spectrum. The Science curriculum is based on 3-D standards that use science and engineering practices to explain phenomena and/or design solutions to problems. The new ELA curriculum is called Wonders and is based on efficacy studies and evidence-based practices.

  7. Finalize the K-12 social studies revision, which is currently being reviewed by a team of educators and administrators across the district. The primary focus of this revision is Arizona History and Social Science standards.

  8. Continue to build out our Social and Emotional Learning program, knowing that these skills are a hiring priority for employers.

  9. Continue to reduce class sizes

  10. The current Board has reduced class sizes in K-3.

  11. The Board is currently working to reduce class sizes in 4-8.

  12. Some of the capital bond proposals in this election are earmarked to build new classrooms at Manzanita and Orange Grove - these new classrooms will allow us to hire more teachers, which will then reduce class sizes. (Note: These new classrooms will not be used to increase enrollment at these schools.)

  13. Expand mental health support

  14. Review current mental health support and identify additional needs.

  15. Continue to align with the American School Counselor Association.

  16. Increase the number of school counselors to meet the national counselor:student recommendation.

  17. Continue to prioritize retaining our great teachers

  18. Annually the Board examines total compensation (salary and benefits) to create the most competitive package possible within the funding available.

  19. Continue to evaluate workload by working toward the longer-term goal of reducing class size and to ensure that middle and high school teachers have a planning period.

  20. Continue to provide teachers with time to collaborate, participate in professional development, and contribute to curriculum development and revision.

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