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Vote YES on Propositions 488, 489, 490

On November 8th, there will be bond and override renewal questions on the ballot which will greatly affect funding for our school district. A YES vote on all three propositions is necessary to support the outstanding public schools that define our community and contribute to high property values. YES on 488, 489, and 490 WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR TAX RATES.

  • Tax rates will not increase.

  • Make critical facilities improvements.

  • Maintain educational programs and staffing.

  • Update technology and curriculum resources.

  • Maintain academic excellence in District 16.

Details of Propositions 488, 489, and 490

The CFSD District 16 Governing Board is requesting voter approval for $38.5 million in school improvement bond projects over the next seven years and renewal of two existing budget overrides: the District Additional Assistance override of the capital budget for technology and curriculum resources and the 13.3% override of Maintenance and Operations budget for educational programs and staffing. The school improvement bonds and the two limited budget overrides are the only way our community can exert some local control over our school facilities and funding.

Proposition 488 is a $38.5 million school improvement bonds measure that will maintain facilities that serve the District 16 community at large. Projects include: Infrastructure maintenance and improvement (roofs, HVAC, weatherization, painting, etc.); new classrooms (for smaller class sizes and orchestra/guitar programs); security projects; shade structures, and more.

Proposition 489 is a continuation of our District Additional Assistance Override of $2 million per year for 7 years. It pays for technology and curriculum support materials. It has been in place for 15 years! ( NOTE: the state provides only $3 million in funding each year to cover all of the maintenance, improvement, construction, curriculum and technology needs.)

Proposition 490 is a continuation of a Maintenance and Operations Override that brings 13.3% - over $4 million each year to support our current programming and has been in place for over 30 years!

Additional background: Funding essential to help offset historical public education budget cuts

The state of Arizona imposed some of the largest cuts to public education in the nation during the 2008 economic crisis. Although some of that funding has been restored, overall funding is still less than it was 15 years ago, especially when adjusted for inflation. Without all three renewals, CFSD will lose funding it has put to good use for many years. This would inevitably lead to increases in class size, cuts in staff, and critical cuts to educational programs across all grade levels. That would be bad for our kids. And when our school district declines, so too may the property values in CFSD 16 that are so closely tied to the quality of our schools. It is in the best interest of every CFSD 16 residents - with school-aged children or not - to vote YES on all of these measures.

For more information, please visit FRIENDS of CFSD.

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